Support for carers


Guildford and South Surrey Parkinson’s Branch tries to support carers wherever it can.

If you wish to hear about any current activities, or to discuss your needs, please contact Myra Newnes-Smith via our online contact form here

In-person meetings for Carers

The Carers Group is now meeting once a month on the second Monday afternoon at the Inn on the Lake, Godalming.

If you would like to join the meetings, please contact Myra Newnes-Smith by initially using our online contact form here

Branch Funded additional Respite Care

We are again offering the opportunity for 10 Carers to apply for a Respite Care grant of £1,000 for 2024. These will be available on a first come, first served basis.
Each £1,000 grant amount will be held in the Branch accounts and can then be used for the Carer to contract/arrange their own respite care provision to provide either:

1. A few hours respite care each month, e.g., £83.33 care cost per month over 12 months equals £1,000.
2. Alternatively, the Carer can use the whole £1,000 to provide a shorter ‘block’ period of respite care of their choice.
3. Carers can even mix the type of respite care up to the total of £1,000.
4. Any grant monies not used by a Carer will not be carried forward into future years.

It will be the Carers’ responsibility to find a suitable ‘respite care’ provider. The Branch Treasurer will refund the Carer for the cost of respite care on production of suitable receipts, either monthly or at the end of any block period, up to the maximum of the £1,000 grant.

Applications Forms (no more than one per Carer!) for these grants are available from Myra Newnes-Smith.

Those already in receipt of Branch Funded monthly Crossroads care need to confirm to Myra that they are continuing with Crossroads for 2024. This confirmation will then be noted in Branch records as their ‘application’ for a 2024 Respite Grant.

We hope very much that some of you will take up this offer. If you wish to discuss further, with no commitment, then please contact Myra by initially using our online contact form by clicking here

For useful aids tips, guidance and other suggestions for people with Parkinson’s please download the leaflet here

Sources of Respite Care and other help

Crossroads Care is an organisation specialising in providing vital respite breaks for carers.

Their core service provision, after an assessment of needs, is a regular Carer’s break of 3.5 hours, funded by Surrey County Council, on a weekly or fortnightly basis on the same day, at the same time and with the same Support Worker. Funding for this from Surrey Council is however limited.

Additional self-funded hours can be provided at a competitive rate.

Self-funded packages are also available of 10, 24 and 48 hours, the latter to allow for a weekend break. Assisted holiday breaks allow a Support Worker to accompany the client and Carer on a UK-based holiday and takes over the caring role for 9 hours in any 24.

Support Workers are not volunteers and many have worked for Crossroads for a number of years. They are highly committed to their work and are trained for many caring tasks, including:

  • Personal care (eg washing, dressing, toileting)
  • Health care such as continence management and administration of prescribed medicines
  • Meal and drink preparation
  • Social activities such as chatting, playing games, visits to a tearoom

For further information

You should approach Crossroads Care directly on tel: 01372 869970 or

Action for Carers Surrey

Action for Carers provide information on benefits, run support groups, events and much more. Of Particular relevance for our members is that the Manual Handling team will do a home visit. They will loan several small pieces of equipment for you to try out before you purchase. You can self refer to them and their advice is free.

Tel 0303 040 1234

Feedback on care services in Surrey

Do you have something to say about care services in Surrey?

Healthwatch Surrey gives people the opportunity to share their experiences of using the health and care services in Surrey and ensures that this valuable feedback reaches the powers that be and leads to positive change. Healthwatch Surrey is also able to signpost people to other organisations to ensure that they get the help and information that they need.

If you would like to provide feedback, this can be done in several ways:

  1. Via the Healthwatch Surrey website feedback form
  2. Via their helpdesk – call 0303 303 0023
  3. Via email directly a