Working together to improve the lives of People with Parkinson’s

Welcome to the website for the Guildford and South Surrey Branch of Parkinson’s UK.

Here you will find a wealth of advice and support for people in our area who have the condition and for their carers, family, and friends – in fact, for anyone who in anyway is affected by Parkinson’s.

We provide three important elements which Parkinson’s consultants advise is vital for all people who have Parkinson’s to do:

  • Stay physically active
  • Stay mentally active
  • Stay socially active

The Branch is organised and run by a Committee of dedicated volunteers and, through it’s own fundraising, provides a wide range of activities to support those living with Parkinson’s in the Guildford and South Surrey area.

Perhaps most importantly, we try to ensure that anyone who has been recently diagnosed with the condition is aware of the help, support, services, friendship and social activities we offer.

Our branch has over 380 members. They are mainly people who have Parkinson’s, but our membership also includes carers, family members, and friends. We keep in touch by post, monthly email, this website, and our Branch magazine published three times a year.

So please, explore our website and consider joining our Branch.

Because no one has to face Parkinson’s alone.

For information about the activities offered by Guildford and South Surrey local Parkinson’s Group please download the leaflet here