Oxygen Therapy

The Samson Centre in Guildford is a charity that has been providing Baric Oxygen Therapy (BOT) for Multiple Sclerosis patients for many years in Guildford. Some people find it helps relieve certain MS symptoms such as bladder problems and fatigue. 

The charity has kindly offered members of our branch to come and use their BOT facilities to help treat some Parkinson’s symptoms. Some studies suggest improvement in depression and anxiety caused by Parkinson’s. For more details and early user experiences please see an article in the May 2024 edition of The Park

The normal session cost is £20, but the Branch is subsidising this by £8.00 so the cost to our Members will be £12.00 per session (maximum one per week). If a Member wants more than one session per week, they would need to pay the full £20.00 themselves for the additional session.

Similarly, if the member wants their spouse or carer to be with them in the chamber, especially initially, then they would pay the full £20.00 rate for the spouse/carer.

For more information please contact Steve Heron,  sheron@guildfordparkinsons.org.uk