Boxing for Parkinson’s

Research has shown that exercise such as boxing, which improves balance and coordination, can help delay the progression of Parkinson’s and other neurological diseases and help improve daily life.

Olympia Boxing has set up a non-contact BOX Fitness programme solely for people living with Parkinson’s and their carers to engage in and have fun. Sessions can be enjoyed from a seated or standing position.*

Olympia Boxing runs weekly online Boxing for 4 Parkinson’s sessions on Zoom for FREE every Thursday 12 pm – 1.00 pm.

If you know someone, or if you are someone who would like to participate, please email and ask for the Zoom link.


* Please note that this activity is not organised by Parkinson’s UK (company number 00948776). Parkinson’s UK is not responsible for the activity and is not liable for any advice given or treatment received, or for any loss or damage incurred because of attending the activity.