Guildford and South Surrey Branch


Support for Carers



Guildford and South Surrey Parkinson’s Branch tries to support carers wherever it can.


If you wish to hear about any current activities, or to discuss your needs, please contact Myra Newnes-Smith on 01483 422440 or email


Zoom Monthly Meetings for Carers

There are monthly online Zoom meetings for Carers. Carers can join and leave the zoom meetings as they wish.


These are small groups, which are well received.


New participants to the groups would be very welcome. The meetings may be more helpful for the partners of those who are in the mid to later stages of their Parkinson’s Journey. A second group has now been formed.


Friendships made on the Zoom meetings enable lunches or coffee mornings etc. to take place informally.


If you would like to join our Care for Carers groups or just to discuss, please do email or call.


Myra Newnes-Smith

01483 422440


Respite Care


‘Crossroads Care’ is an organisation specialising in providing vital respite breaks for carers.


Their core service provision, after an assessment of needs, is a regular Carer’s break of 3.5 hours, funded by Surrey County Council, on a weekly or fortnightly basis on the same day, at the same time and with the same Support Worker.


Additional hours can be provided at a competitive rate.


Self-funded packages are also available of 10, 24 and 48 hours, the latter to allow for a weekend break. Assisted holiday breaks allow a Support Worker to accompany the client and Carer on a UK-based holiday and takes over the caring role for 9 hours in any 24.


Support Workers are not volunteers and many have worked for Crossroads for a number of years. They are highly committed to their work and are trained for many caring tasks, including:

  • Personal care (eg washing, dressing, toileting)
  • Health care such as continence management and administration of prescribed medicines
  • Meal and drink preparation
  • Social activities such as chatting, playing games, visits to a tearoom


For further information

You should approach Crossroads Care directly on tel: 01372 869970 or


Action for Carers Surrey

Action for Carers provide information on benefits, run support groups, events and much more. Of Particular relevance for our members is that the Manual Handling team will do a home visit. They will loan several small pieces of equipment for you to try out before you purchase. You can self refer to them and their advice is free.

Tel 03030401234


Branch Funded additional Respite Care


For those in receipt of the core Crossroads Care service, an additional 3 hours per month, may be funded by our Branch.


If you are interested in the additional 3 hours per month, funded by the Branch, you should contact Myra Newnes-Smith as above.


Branch Funded Longer Respite Care Grants for 2022


Your committee is very much aware of the on-going burden placed on the Carers of those with Parkinson’s. The Branch has set aside a sum of money to fund some longer respite care periods, enabling some Carers to have a well-earned break – a few days, perhaps, or even a whole week.


The offer is for up to £1,500 towards an individual’s care. The budget will enable around five Carers to benefit, and these grants will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Requests (no more than one per person) can be put in for a share of the budget. If your application is successful, there is no need to make use of it immediately. For instance, you may already have something planned for later in the year or simply want a break in the warmer weather.


It will be the Carers responsibility to find a suitable respite placement for the person with Parkinson’s, either with a care home or by a care organisation offering overnight care in your own home. The replacement should be from a recognised home or agency, not via an informal arrangement. Before applying, Carers should have identified a suitable provider and have registered an interest with them. Carers do not need to have paid a deposit at this stage.


We hope very much that some of you will take up this offer. If you wish to discuss further, with no commitment, then please contact Myra Newnes-Smith on 01483 422440 or email


For useful aids tips, guidance and other suggestions for people with Parkinson’s please download the leaflet here