Guildford and South Surrey Branch




Please note, due to the current restrictions and the need for social distancing our normal Fundraising activities have been considerably curtailed at present.


Fundraising online can still continue.


The cost of running the Branch has to be fully funded by our own fundraising activities. Although we are part of Parkinson’s UK, we get no financial support from them. Fundraising is therefore vital to be able ensure our Branch has sufficient finances to provide the range of support that is so valued by our members (detailed elsewhere on this website).


Fundraising activities could be such as supermarket collections, car boot sales, dedicated stalls at various events, quizzes, a 200 Club, applying for grants, etc. It could also be a specific event such as a long-distance walk, cycle ride or similar where people sponsor an individual to participate and the funds generated are for the charity’s benefit.


At present with the Lockdown, do you have bored grandchildren who could do a sponsored activity for the branch?


If you are able to run, help or support any of these events and activities, offer prizes for organised events, help on collection days at supermarkets, etc. it would be very much appreciated. We will support anyone organising an event or collection with advice, help and equipment if needed.


If you are considering running any fundraising event for us, please remember to do a ‘risk assessment’ and consider ‘insurance cover’. Whilst not something most of us think about, it is best to be prepared for these things. Please contact our Treasurer in advance for advice on this matter. Depending on the type of fundraiser, we may be able to cover the event under Parkinson’s UK public liability insurance.


Individuals who wish to raise funds for Parkinson’s should be clear from the start whether they wish to raise funds for:

  • Parkinson’s Guildford and South Surrey Branch, or
  • The national Parkinson’s UK charity, or
  • Both

If you are organising, or participating in, an event for Parkinson’s please contact:


Parkinson’s Guildford and South Surrey Branch:

Fundraising Coordinator: ‘VACANT’

We need someone to coordinate our fundraising activities, supported by our members. Until someone is appointed, contact:


Interim Branch Fundraising assistant -Valerie Box, email:

Treasurer Steve Heron, email:


Parkinson’s UK:

Regional Fundraiser Katy Slade, email:

0344 225 3750 or 07964850436.